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Come to Acapulco and “fork your life”.  Hello, My name is Joe Baker aka “Dr. Vibes”.  I’ve moved to Acapulco where I stay a good part of the year when I’m not traveling other parts of the world promoting RemedyCoin.com .  So many people come here for the yearly Anarchy conferences and decide to stay for an extended time that I thought I’d put some helpful resource information on this web site.  I’m called Dr. Vibes because I do healing work with tuning forks that vibrate. If you’re interested in a session let me know at JB@Remedycoin.com

  • Inexpensive cost of living
  • Modern conveniences
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Two great Anarchy Conferences:
  • Medical Expertise – My Dr. Friend does Ozone Therapy and can fix people’s backs in incredible ways without having to cut you open.
  • American Expat Community
  • Travel Deals – Planes, taxis, tolls, buses & walking
  • About vacationing here
  • Timeline – Events / Seasons / Considerations
  • Hotels
  • Housing
  • Retreats
  • Investment Clubs
  • Interest Groups
  • Who comes to Acapulco?
  • About the dangers of being in the most Dangerous city in the world….
    • There are informal reports that there are 10 local business owners a day kidnapped.
    • We hear reports that the state of Gurerro had 10,000 murders occur in the last year.
  • Generally tourists are safe but the economy is very difficult for the locals.  It’s rare but one could get caught in a cross-fire.  You will see a massive police and military presense here.  It’s partly security theatre to make tourists feel safe. 


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